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Our building inspector took this picture during a building & timber pest inspection in Bittern on the Mornington Peninsula.


Four main items are checked as part of a Timber Pest Inspection (AS4349.3). We look for termites, wood borers, fungal decay and conducive conditions in the building/s or on the site that make the property more susceptible to these pests. Two species of wood borer are commonly found. One is called Lyctus Borer and the other is Anobium Borer,  however only the latter is considered a significant timber pest. Anobium Borer is most often found in old seasoned softwood such as baltic pine commonly used for flooring (see photo in this post) and weatherboards.

These borers are persistent but take a long time to cause structural damage. Once found, treatment options consist of treating the affected areas with chemicals and replacing severely infested timbers with hardwood. They are commonly found on the underside of flooring in poorly ventilated subfloor areas and subfloors with little clearance to the ground. If left untreated, Anobium Borer can cause significant damage with costly repairs.

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January 15, 2015