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Building iNspections on the Mornington Peninsula

This is an example of a Building Inspection on the Mornington Peninsula. Any Building Inspector should always check the ceilings throughout a house for leaks or damage.

Building Inspections Australia uses a high powered torch on every job to check every room of the building. Holding a torch horizontally along the ceiling line allows our Mornington Peninsula Building Inspectors to clearly see if there is any active leaking, past leaking (water stains) or serious deviations in the ceiling line. In our experience, this is the best way to assess the ceiling condition for damage and it’s amazing how often we find leaks that cannot be seen from just standing in the room. Once we have located the water marks we then use a moisture detection device to measure the moisture content of the area and then upload the data to our reporting system. We attach photos and explanations on where the damage is and what is required to fix the issue.


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December 7, 2014