Building Inspector in Melbourne’s Eastern Suburbs | Major Cracking

Our Eastern Suburbs Building Inspector took this photo of major cracking in a suburb just to the east of Melbourne.

Excessive cracking was observed to the brickwork in many areas of this building. Cracks of this nature indicate insufficient support in the foundations and surrounding ground with further cracking likely. Significant underpinning work will be required to help stabilize the structure.

We recommended the client consult a structural engineer for further assessment of the cracking prior to purchase as underpinning work can be very costly. Movement in the ground around buildings is commonly associated with poor drainage so we also recommended the client contact a drainage specialist for further advice on drainage around the perimeter of the building.

Reactive soils are common in areas to the east of Melbourne and cracking is a problem in many houses. If there are cracks in your building or you need an expert to assess your next property purchase in the eastern suburbs or Melbourne, contact us on 1300274349.



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December 12, 2014