Building & Pest Inspection Mornington – Thermal Imaging

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Check out what we found at a building & pest inspection in Mornington the other day while using thermal imaging. Thermal imaging is a great asset and tool we use during our inspections. It’s used to show up temperature changes and abnormal thermal anomalies on interior wall surfaces, which helps us detect where leaks and termite nests are hiding in wall and ceiling cavities. The photos in this post relate to a recent inspection in Mornington. We thought a termite nest was found but it turned out to be a bee’s nest! The thermal photo below shows the heated area created by the bee’s nest. The photo on the right shows how it can’t be seen by the naked eye! If you’re after a professional company that goes the extra mile, you know who to call. Contact BIA Building & Pest today to arrange your next inspection on the Mornington Peninsula, Frankston or South East Melbourne – 1300 274 349



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June 20, 2018