Building & Pest Inspection Rosebud, Mornington Peninsula – Winged Termites

This photo was taken during a pre-purchase building & pest inspection in Rosebud on the Mornington Peninsula. The house was vacant for a short time and in that time a swarm of termites took place. The winged termites seen in this photo are called Alates (also called swarmers). They are the reproductive termites that leave the nest to start new colonies. Swarms usually occur during warm, humid weather conditions, as the termites see this as the ideal time to establish a new nest. If you see this in your home be sure to immediately contact a licensed termite/pest controller because you will most likely have a sub nest in your wall, ceiling or floor cavity. Hidden damage to structural timber behind your wall linings is almost a given and needs to be controlled asap to avoid further destruction and costly repairs. There are many ways to prevent termite infestations, which we can point out. So if you’re concerned or need an building and pest inspection when buying a home in Frankston or the Mornington Peninsula contact BIA today! 1300 274 349


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January 12, 2017