Owner Builder Defects found by Frankston Building Inspector

If buying an owner built house in Frankston, you need an independent Building Inspector to make sure it’s sound & built to standard.


When arriving at a Frankston property inspection you can usually tell if the house has been renovated by an owner builder. Some owner builders are good but others cut corners.

This Pre Purchase Building Inspection in Frankston uncovered a lot of poor workmanship in regards to the exterior cladding and internal fit out. I suspect the plumbing had not been done by a licensed and operating plumber as the photo shows.

This stormwater pipe should at least be 300mm under ground to avoid damage and exposure to external elements. What’s more it was in the driveway where it could easily be damaged by a parked car and PVC piping, if exposed, should always be painted or sealed as per Australian Standards.

This property had a S137B report (Owner Builder Defect Report) done by another building inspector who missed numerous items which I picked up. If you are considering buying a property built by an Owner Builder it’s essential to have a Pre Purchase Property Inspection by an independent inspector.

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September 4, 2014