Home Inspection Mornington Peninsula | Bent Wall Cladding

This photo was taken during a home inspection on the Mornington Peninsula. Checking the line of external wall cladding can give you an indication of foundation support.


We always check to see if horizontal wall cladding is level and straight. This house was very low to the ground so we could not inspect the supporting stumps under the house. In these situations we have to use our experience and look at other factors to determine the adequacy of foundation support. You can see in this photo that the line of the boards is significantly bent, which indicates that the floor has dropped and will need re-blocking. Walking through the interior of the home confirmed our suspicions because the floor was undulating and bouncy in sections. The cost to re-stump this home was around $9000, a cost our client was not ready for and was very thankful for our expert opinion.

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April 11, 2015