Mornington Peninsula Building Inspectors – Slab Leak

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This job was a specific defect inspection, which is when a client will ring me to investigate a certain area of concern at their home. It may be cracking brickwork, an unstable structure, drainage issues, building works not completed to an acceptable standard etc. A lady called me to this inspection because her bedroom smelt damp and couldn’t work out what was going on. The house was only 6 months old and built by a volume builder (not naming names). The damp area was found under a cabinet that backed onto the ensuite wall. After removing the cabinet and lifting the carpet we found the concrete slab completely wet, which immediately indicated to me there was a leak in the bathroom plumbing below the slab surface (as you can see in the photos) The builder was called and presented with our highly professional and undeniable building report, which helped speed up the repair process.

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My client was extremely happy and relieved she contacted Building Inspections Australia for a professional building assessment! So if you need some advice or want a leading Mornignton Peninsula building inspector to visit your home, contact us today and we’ll sort you out! 1300 274349



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January 20, 2016