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In a perfect world buildings would be built in strict accordance with the Building Code of Australia and the Australian Standards…. but sometimes they’re not. The quality of builders and trades vary dramatically in Australia. Some are excellent, some are ok and some are just downright terrible and should never have been given a license in the first place.

A New Home Inspection is for those people brave enough to undertake the process of building a new home. After spending large amounts of money constructing your new home and before you hand over your final payment we strongly recommend a Handover Inspection.

You might not be aware, but your builder does not actually construct your new home. It’s usually a mix of tradespeople working as fast as they can to complete their work on a fixed price specified to them. Time is money and many rush the job making mistakes that they hope the next trade will fix.

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Before you hand over your final payment, BIA will assess the building, checking for substandard and unprofessional workmanship, incomplete work and other defective items that require additional work so that your dream home is completed to acceptable industry standards.

BIA has a team of dedicated experts undertaking your Melbourne New Home Inspection. The inspections are conducted in accordance with the Australian Standard & Tolerances established by the Building Commission in 2007. Any items that do not comply with this code will be recorded and compiled into an easy-to-read inspection report.

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