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building inspector near me

Pre Purchase Pest and Building Inspector Local to the Mornington Peninsula

Building Inspector Near Me. Yes, I know the title of this page sounds NQR, it’s because many people search this term. So, I admit, I am using the keyword ” building inspector near me ” to create a landing page for people like you searching for a local pre purchase building inspector on the Mornington peninsula.

Building inspections Australia pretty much only works the peninsula and have been a well established and trusted business for 10 years. Yes. it’s a bit cheeky me using this keyword search term to have you land on my site but I guarantee you’ve come to the right place and, well, we’re are near you, so it’s kind of fitting.

When google searching the term Building Inspector Near Me, you will find a host of different companies offering their service. Who do you choose? Who is a local, trusted business? It’s reassuring to know that we have now been operating for close to 10 years and are without doubt one of the most trusted and professional companies servicing this area. Check out our google reviews here for authentic, positive reviews from a long list of satisfied clients.


Local Termite & Pest Inspections

BIA’s Pest Inspectors have had extensive education and years of experience in Pest Inspections in around the Mornington Peninsula. Our pest inspectors are fully equipped with all the tools and devices required to find termites at your next property. It’s estimated that termites cause damage to 33% of residential properties on mainland Australia so don’t become a statistic, get a Pest Inspection for peace of mind. BIA’s inspectors are educated, experience, professional and we’re known for our excellent customer care and ongoing phone assistance to ensure that you have complete clarity and disclosure about the property. Our Building and Pest Inspectors are fully qualified and have $1,000 000 professional indemnity insurance.

I was after a building and pest inspector when buying a house on the Mornington area. I found Building Inspections Australia by googling building inspector near me. I read their amazing google reviews and found that they are local to the area. Paul was fantastic to deal with at BIA when he inspected a house I was looking to purchase in Mornington. He was professional, prompt and demonstrated great knowledge across all the different elements inspected. His inspection report was very detailed and provided great confidence that everything had been checked and assessed thoroughly. Would definitely recommend. Matt Word searched – Building Inspector Near Me