Pre Purchase Building Inspections

Pre Purchase Building Inspections

Pre Purchase Building Inspections on the Mornngton Peninsula and Melbourne’s Eastern Suburbs

What’s a pre purchase building inspection? There are many different types of “building inspections” but the one commonly searched is a pre purchase building inspection.

Other types of building inspections are:

  • Practical Completion Inspection or PCI (aka Handover Inspection) – This type of inspection is for someone who has built a new home and needs completion check before handing over the final payment and taking possession from  the builder.
  • Construction Stage Inspections – These inspections are done during the construction process. They include foundation, frame, pre-plaster and lock-up.
  • Specific Defect Inspection – Unlike a complete pre purchase building inspection, a Specific Defect Inspection is designed for someone who has a specific area of concern that requires a professional assessment. Advice on defective items such cracking, water damage/ leaking or substandard workmanship etc.
  • Renovation Inspection – is conducted during the planning stage of a renovation where the  inspector gives advice on the condition of the house and what can cant be done.

A pre purchase building Inspection investigates existing houses for clients ready to buy.  They take around 1 – 1.5 hours on-site. In that time we take around 150 photos for clear evidence on Structural Defects, Safety Hazards, Conditions Conducive to Structural Damage and we also list significant maintenance defects that require ongoing repairs. See Building & Pest Defects for examples on what can be found during a pre purchase building inspection in and around the Mornington Peninsula.

In a perfect world buildings would be built in strict accordance with the Australian Standards and stay that way forever. However, overtime houses can deteriorate if not maintained. Structural faults and other significant building defects can arise, so it’s important to have a pre purchase building and pest inspection done before you buy your next property.

To arrange a quote for a pre purchase building inspection on the Mornington Peninsula or eastern suburbs of Melbourne please call 1300274349 or click here to go to the booking page.



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pre purchase building inspections
pre purchase building inspections