Specific Defect Inspections

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Specific Defect Inspections

A Specific Defect Inspection is designed for someone who has a specific area of concern that requires a professional assessment. BIA will give their expert opinion on defective items such cracking, water damage/ leaking or substandard workmanship etc.

Photo evidence and data is recorded and compiled into a straightforward, easy-to-understand report. We will explain why we think the problem has occurred, if anyone is at fault and what process is required to amend the issue.

To see an example of a Specific Defect Inspection follow this link. Specific Defect Report – Unit 5-30 Smith St, Clayton

I was at my wits end with a newly built verandah that leaked! After 8 months my final straw was Building Inspections Australia. Paul inspected the structure promptly and efficiently. The report was extensive and qualified all the incorrect construction procedures.

After presenting the report to the builder, I successfully received a full refund on the verandah which allows me to rebuild confidently. Thank you Paul for all your advice, knowledge and professionalism. I do not think I would have received a refund without your report.

Annette Roberts

Defect Inspection Seaford

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