Building & Pest Inspections Mornington Peninsula & Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne

building and pest inspections mornington peninsula

Building and Pest Inspections Mornington Peninsula by BIA are the best value for money and the most comprehensive inspection offered by us. We cover the eastern suburbs of Melbourne too.

Building and Pest Inspections Mornington Peninsula by BIA take around 1 – 1.5 hours on-site. In that time we take around 150 photos for clear evidence on Structural Defects, Safety Hazards, Conditions Conducive to Structural Damage and we also list significant maintenance defects that require ongoing repairs. See Building & Pest Defects for examples on what can be found during a Building & Pest Inspection in and around the Mornington Peninsula.

When google searching Building and Pest Inspections Mornington Peninsula, you will find a host of different companies offering their service. Who do you choose? Who is a local business? It’s reassuring to know that we have now been operating for close to 10 years on the Mornington Peninsula and are without doubt one of the most trusted and professional companies servicing this area. Check out our google reviews here for real, authentic reviews from a long list of satisfied clients.

Building and Pest inspections Mornington Peninsula involves using trained timber pest inspector that conducts a thorough inspection also. Timber pests include Subterranean Termites, Wood Borers and Fungal Decay. These pests are a common problem in residential buildings and can cause significant damage to structural timber if left unnoticed for long periods. Termite damage costs Australian home owners millions in repairs each year.

After the property inspection is complete the Building & Pest Inspection Report is then emailed to the client within 24 hrs.

If termite damage/evidence is found during the inspection, the Termite Report will contain photos and information on where termites were found on the property and evidence of past termite damage. The report also contains information on Wood Borer damage and Fungal Decay, which are both considered significant timber pests.

The Building Report will show clear information on the severity of structural defects found at the property. Defects that you should be aware of prior to purchase. Safety concerns and other conditions that require repair work and maintenance will also be clearly explained in the report.

Click the following link to see a sample of our work. Building & Pest Report

BIA’s Professional Approach

Our Building and Pest Inspections comply with the relevant Australian Standards (AS 4349.1 and AS 4349.3). Our Building and Pest Inspectors are fully qualified and have full Professional Indemnity and Public Liability insurance. We are known for our excellent customer care and ongoing phone assistance to ensure that you have complete clarity and disclosure about the property. Call us today for more information on 1300 27 4349 or BOOK NOW!

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Building Defects

Building and Pest Inspections Mornington Peninsula
We had a building and pest inspection on the Mornington Peninsula. The quality and efficiency of the property inspection service we received from BIA has been exceptional. Right from the beginning we were impressed by the speed at which our enquiry was dealt with. Within an hour of calling we had an inspection booked for the very next business day.

On meeting with you at the property I was relieved to know we had a knowledgeable professional working on our behalf. We received the formal report within a matter of hours: Both the quality and layout were superb with full colour photographs throughout illustrating all your findings.

We felt that no stone had been left unturned. Since the inspection I have made many phone calls to you for advice and clarification on the points that were raised and can honestly say that nothing has been too much trouble. The extent and quality of the report has enabled us to re-negotiate on our purchase and as a result we have saved tens of thousands of dollars.

In summary you have provided an absolutely first class service that has been invaluable to us. You have gone out of your way and at times exceeded all reasonable expectations, and we would like to thank you for everything you have done.

Barry & Charlotte

Building and Pest Inspections Mornington Peninsula

Building and Pest Inspections Mornington Peninsula