Want a Trusted Building & Pest Inspector on the Mornington Peninsula or Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne?

trusted building and pest inspector

Is the inspector of your choice a trusted building and pest inspector?

Trusted building and pest inspector is a searched keyword on google. When you search this term, you will find a host of different companies offering their service. Who do you choose? Who is a local, well known, trusted building and pest inspector? One that can help you make an informed decision when buying your next property purchase?

Some competitor companies I see online claim to be ” the most trusted building and pest inspector “. However, I have been at inspections simultaneously while another ” trusted building and pest inspector ” was inspecting for someone else. The guy did not sound any internal timber for termites, he did not have a moisture meter, he did not use a thermal imaging camera, he did not go into the roof space. To inspect under the floor he simply put his head through the manhole and took a photo. He was onsite for around 20 minutes, while i was there for 1hr 15mins. I would not trust this company and pity the the people who paid for this substandard service.

I have also been asked by real estate agents to double check the findings of another ” trusted building and pest inspector “. These inspectors have scared off potential buyers by telling them they have found termite damage and that they should not buy the home. I was called out and found that on all 5 occasions the termite damage found was only timber decay. If you can’t differentiate between termite damage and timber decay you’re obviously not trained for the job and are just ripping people off in my opinion.


What to look for when searching online for a trusted building and pest inspector.

Many clients of BIA find our company by searching on Google. I understand how tough it is to just go online and find someone you can trust to inspect what is a huge financial investment. There are many factors that you should tick off even before you even decide that you trust them and are willing to employ their services.

  • Insurance – does the company have the relevant professional indemnity and public liability insurance? Building Inspection insurance is not only expensive, it’s not just handed out to anyone. You have to pass certain criteria and prerequisites to obtain the insurance necessary. Some businesses do not even have insurance.
  • Established Business – How long has the company been operating for? I have to be honest, I remember when I started this building inspection business, even though I’d been building houses all my life, inspecting houses was a whole different ball game. It took some time to establish what was important during a pre purchase building inspection and was wasn’t. So if the business is new the inspector/s may be a bit green and still finding their feet. The anxiety of this can be overwhelming for some. I have inspected in excess of 4500 properties to date, which has given me the experience and expert knowledge to confidently inspect any property.
  • Subcontractors – Does the company use different inspectors that have no ownership of the business? For a while there I was trying to expand the business by training up another inspector that I could send out on the road. Even after he was fully trained i realized that if I wanted to protect the reputation of this business I had to have full control so no mistakes were made. So, the only way this was possible was to run it all myself.
  •  Gut Feel & Knowledge – When I make an enquiry to another service, I like to ask a lot of questions and get the person talking. I can usually tell by they way they answer whether or not they know what they’re talking about. I encourage any questions and am happy to give you as much time as you like. Most people feel comfortable with me.

Building Inspections Australia is the most trusted building and pest inspector.

I’ve been operating this business for a long time now, and have seen many competitors come and go. Running a building inspection business holds with it a lot of responsibility. Sure there’s pages of disclaimers that void building inspection businesses of indemnity, however, if you are not doing it right, your insurance company won’t cover you. You need to conduct a pre purchase building & pest inspection in line with the Australian Standards 4349.1 & 4349.3. If you are not doing this you are not insured, even if you have insurance.

It’s reassuring to know that we have now been operating for close to 10 years on the Mornington Peninsula and are without doubt one of the most trusted and professional companies servicing this area. Check out our google reviews here for real, authentic reviews from a long list of satisfied clients.

BIA detects building and pest related issues throughout Mornington. We have qualified, trusted building and pest inspectors ready to undertake your next inspection.

Give Building Inspections Australia a call to speak with a Mornington Building & Pest expert and let us guide you to the right decision of your next property purchase.