Fretting Concrete Stumps – Frankston

Pest & Building Inspection in Frankston and surrounding suburbs – Houses that are elevated on stump supports should be inspected for structural damage. Most people think that a house on concrete stumps will never have any problems. However, if a property’s site drainage is inadequate, and there is a constant presence of moisture under the floor, defects will most likely be present, even to concrete stumps. Obviously, timber stumps will rot when in contact with damp soil, but what most people don’t realise, is concrete stumps can fret. This is when moisture breaks down the integrity of the concrete and rusts the internal steel reinforcement rod. Structural damage caused by fretting concrete will take longer than decay to timber stumps, however, it is something that still needs to be checked. In the case of the photo in this post, our recommendation is to have the house fully restumped as the damage is in disrepair. Also, the site drainage will need to be assessed and rectified by a licensed plumber. You can’t assume everything is OK if you don’t have your foundations inspected on a regular basis!

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July 17, 2018