Rye Building Inspector uncovers Blocked Plumbing

BIA has certified Building Inspectors operating in Rye. We conduct fully insured, professional Building & Pest Inspections. Our inspectors always check roof plumbing components for evidence of blockages.


Roof plumbing is an integral part of any building and is often over looked. Blocked downpipes, such as the one in this picture, can lead to premature deterioration, rust, damage to eave linings and excessive moisture at the base of the building, which can have a detrimental effect to surrounding building elements and foundations.

Moisture around building edges also creates favourable conditions for termites to thrive putting the house at higher risk of infestation. It’s important to consult a licensed plumber for remedial work as soon as possible if your building inspector comes across block or damaged downpipes, such as in this photo taken during a recent Rye property inspection.

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September 18, 2014