Melbourne Pre Purchase Inspection | Roof Damage

Pre Purchase Inspections in Melbourne conducted by industry leaders Building Inspections Australia are always in high demand.


Pre Purchase Property Inspections in Melbourne can uncover hundreds of different types of defects. Rust caused by overlapping roof sheets is a common problem. Metal roof sheeting should always be installed in one full length to avoid overlapping the joins half way.

If a roof has a flat pitch or is subjected to impact damage caused by foot traffic or storm damage water can gather around the overlapped joins. Water and condensation lasts longer between the overlapped sheets, which causes premature deterioration and rust.

The severity of the rust is usually worst when inspecting the underside of the sheeting in the roof space. Immediate replacement and/or repairs of any rust affected areas is always recommended by Building Inspections Australia to prevent water ingress from causing damage to the internal roof frame, ceilings and other building elements.

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September 21, 2014