Building Inspection Sandringham | Faulty Roof Flashing

During a recent building inspection in Sandringham our qualified building inspector took this photo of faulty lead roof flashing.

The roof exterior is one of the most important places to monitor and we always undertake a thorough inspection of all roofing components. This house had had a second story extension added on and there was some seriously substandard workmanship.  For one example, this lead flashing should have been secured deep into the brick mortar line. The flashing had detached from the brickwork in sections and the tiles were loose and poorly attached, which had caused significant water damage to the ceilings inside. When the top row of tiles are cut short like this, it’s important to have them fixed because all that is holding them from moving down the roof pitch is the weight of the lead flashing, which is minimal.

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June 1, 2015