Building Inspections South East Melbourne – Frogs Legs

The classic photo was taken by our main building inspector south east of Melbourne.

I was under a subfloor at a recent pre purchase building inspection and around 70% of the subsoil was under water. I saw something move in the light of torch and went for further investigation. It was a bloody frog as you can see in the photo!! Water like this in subfloor areas is considered a significant building and termite defect. It’s is usually caused when exterior ground levels are higher than the subfloor subsoil allowing for external water run off to gravitate towards the lowest point. Pooling water can cause damage to foundations over a long period of time and creates conditions highly conducive for termites to thrive. We always recommended our clients contact a licensed plumber or drainage specialist for further advice when we find this type of problem.

So contact BIA to inspect under your floor to see if we can find the frogs living in your home!! 1300 274 349


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December 4, 2015