Rye Building Inspectors – Unprofessional Plumbing

Our local Building Inspectors in Rye will always check your subfloor area for building defects and pest issues.


There are many houses we inspect that have had work done by owner builders and DIY handymen. It’s common for us to find defects underneath houses that would never be found without a building inspection. I often come across unprofessional plumbing that has been packed with inadequate support, loose pipe connections, shower leaks etc. This photo shows pipes that have not been clipped and secured to the timber framing members. Without adequate fixing points these pipes have the potential to cause water hammer.¬†Water hammer is a term used for a noise heard sometimes when turning taps off and on. The noise usually indicates the pipe work attached to the water outlet does not have adequate fixings to the house framework. Movement happens when the tap is turned off/on, subsequently making a hammering noise when the pipe knocks against the frame or other building elements. Although not usually considered detrimental to the building structure it is always recommended to have this fixed to avoid potential leaks.

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January 20, 2016