Building Inspection Melbourne – Rising Damp in Subfloor

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Under the floor at this Melbourne Pest & Building Inspection we observed significant rising damp affecting the partition wall between the two dwellings. Poor ventilation and inadequate site drainage has lead to stagnant moisture in the subsoil. Rising damp below the damp proof course occurs on the majority of brick structures. However, if the mortar mix between the brickwork is not strong, rising damp can cause premature deterioration to the mortar, undermining the structural integrity of the brickwork. This case was worst than most so remedial work in the form of re pointing the mortar beds is required to restore stability to the building. Additional ventilation and site drainage was also recommended to the client. Are your foundations are ok? Call BIA for your next pre-purchase building inspection in Melbourne. 1300 274 349


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January 12, 2017